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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"The Best Breakfast we've ever had"

Guests love our breakfast, and they really do often say "that's the best breakfast I've ever had!"

Everyone has their favourite bits of the breakfast. Our freshly squeezed orange juice really is squeezed by us from real oranges. Our porridge, cooked overnight in the Aga, is pretty special. The fresh fruit plate looks great- prepared with love by Peter! The kippers, Cumberland sausages and bacon form John at Cartmel Valley Game are all superb. One guests ask recently for a breakfast that "wasn't cooked with fat". Our breakfasts are cooked on a baking tray in the Aga - no fat involved, just great flavours. She was delighted! The Coddled eggs have been called "historic"!

We take care that everything is prepared to the same standard that resulted in Peter and White Moss House spending 30 years in the top rankings of the Good Food Guide when we served dinner 6 nights a week. (we've recently retired from dinners )

I read an article in the Times once where the reviewer complained that even in top hotels, the toast was often hard and cold at breakfast, or it came at the start of the meal, when he wanted it warm at the end. At White Moss House, the toast is hot, fresh toasted for you, when you want it, using locally made wholemeal toasting bread from Peggy's of Ambleside. It's perfect. Spread it with local butter and White Moss Home Made Seville Orange marmalade for a real treat.

Even our coffee wins praise. So many places have coffee sitting around on a hot plate- ugh- horrible! Our coffee is Special Mountain Coffee from tea and coffee specialists Farrers' of Kendal. It's freshly filtered and comes with hot milk. We've been told by overseas guests that our coffee is the best they've had on their trip! We certainly serve a lot of refills every day!

Anyway, why am I going on about breakfast so much? Well, we've recently joined up with Late Rooms, and they are running a "Best Kept Secrets" competition. We think our breakfast is good enough to win their "Best Breakfast" award. Of course, we need other people to vote for us and nominate us, so if you feel that you could give us a he;ping hand that would be great.

Here's the link Present The Best Kept Secret Awards 2012 - Nominate Us! Thanks!

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