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Friday, 21 January 2011

Another fabulous Grasmere Day

Here are a couple of photos from today's walk. I set off from White Moss House, through the meadow and down to Grasmere lake where a couple were  having a rather cold picnic- the sun hadn't reached this spot all day.

Then I went through the woods to Grasmere lake and caught a lovely view of Helm Crag reflected in Grasmere Lake.

I then walked up through Bannerigg woods,zig zagged left and through Ladywood, all the while being followed by a couple who seemed to think I was searching out some new route for them. I shook them off at White Moss tarn as I went up to White Moss viewpoint, then back down to Brockstone Cottage and home to White Moss, where I took this picture from the garden looking towards Loughrigg at 5pm- the end of a beautiful Januaryday.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rydal Water and Wansfell on a late January afternoon

We walked up to Brockstone Cottage from White Moss late this afternoon. It's been a brilliant day in the Lake District. Last night was full moon, and the sky was absolutely clear. This morning we had a thick white frost.
By mid morning the sun had melted the frost in all the south facing fields, but on the north side of Rydal and Grasmere where the sun never shines in winter it stayed icy all day.
This photo was taken from the spot where the Thirlmere Aqueduct goes into Nab Scar, just behind Brockstone Cottage ( our self catering cottage ). There was someone ( probably from Nab Cottage) in a canoe on Rydal Water. You can see how cold it was on the north shore of Rydal, still very frosty at 3pm.

Looking towards Ambleside from the same spot in the photo below you can see sunny Wansfell with one of the Rydal estate houses, Cote Howe,  in the foreground, with no sun all day.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Is there a sunnier rental cottage in Lakeland?

Yesterday the Lakes was blessed with January sunshine. We had jobs to do at our self catering cottage, Brockstone. It's the cottage that you pass as you walk from Dove Cottage to Rydal Mount along the coffin route.
View from Brockstone Cottage over Silver Howe to Wetherlam and Sergeant Man
Here's a picture I took whilst we had our lunch on the terrace. You can see that there is snow on Wetherlam ( left horizon) and Sergeant Man ( the little pimple on the right horizon)
This was taken on 11/1/11 .As the cottage is high on the hillside, it gets all the sun that's going.
If you want to make a booking for 2011 in our Grasmere self catering cottage, do it now!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A wonderful winter's day in the Lakes

You might wonder why I hit you with a post about my Dyson. Well, if you have lots of Blogs, as I have, sometimes you post on the wrong one. That's the explanation! However, as I do love my Dyson so much, and it was topical for Twelfth Night, I decided not to delete it. Hope you found it of passing interest!

Back to today, and the sun is shining out of as clear blue sky. We've got a few jobs to do, but on a day like this you just have to get out, and we'll be Walking round Rydal Water later. Maybe we'll see you in the tearoom at Rydal Hall if you're around!
Thanks to Cumbria Tourism for the picture, which is not for reuse other than by members of Cumbria Tourism ( which we are)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Dyson DC 25 vacuum cleaner changed my life!

I spent yesterday, Twelfth Night, clearing up from Christmas, and this job ( which I hate) was made much easier by my lovely Dyson ball vacuum cleaner.
This gadget really has made housework a relative pleasure. Not that I'll ever enjoy housework, but efficient tools make an enormous difference.

I decided to write a Review of the Dyson DC 25 to share my enthusiasm. Take a look if you need a new vacuum cleaner. I think the Dyson vacuum cleaner is well worth the high price.

Incidentally, if you are the person who left an unopened selection box behind a chair in the lounge- claim it soon- finders keepers!