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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rydal Water and Wansfell on a late January afternoon

We walked up to Brockstone Cottage from White Moss late this afternoon. It's been a brilliant day in the Lake District. Last night was full moon, and the sky was absolutely clear. This morning we had a thick white frost.
By mid morning the sun had melted the frost in all the south facing fields, but on the north side of Rydal and Grasmere where the sun never shines in winter it stayed icy all day.
This photo was taken from the spot where the Thirlmere Aqueduct goes into Nab Scar, just behind Brockstone Cottage ( our self catering cottage ). There was someone ( probably from Nab Cottage) in a canoe on Rydal Water. You can see how cold it was on the north shore of Rydal, still very frosty at 3pm.

Looking towards Ambleside from the same spot in the photo below you can see sunny Wansfell with one of the Rydal estate houses, Cote Howe,  in the foreground, with no sun all day.

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