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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"The Best Breakfast we've ever had"

Guests love our breakfast, and they really do often say "that's the best breakfast I've ever had!"

Everyone has their favourite bits of the breakfast. Our freshly squeezed orange juice really is squeezed by us from real oranges. Our porridge, cooked overnight in the Aga, is pretty special. The fresh fruit plate looks great- prepared with love by Peter! The kippers, Cumberland sausages and bacon form John at Cartmel Valley Game are all superb. One guests ask recently for a breakfast that "wasn't cooked with fat". Our breakfasts are cooked on a baking tray in the Aga - no fat involved, just great flavours. She was delighted! The Coddled eggs have been called "historic"!

We take care that everything is prepared to the same standard that resulted in Peter and White Moss House spending 30 years in the top rankings of the Good Food Guide when we served dinner 6 nights a week. (we've recently retired from dinners )

I read an article in the Times once where the reviewer complained that even in top hotels, the toast was often hard and cold at breakfast, or it came at the start of the meal, when he wanted it warm at the end. At White Moss House, the toast is hot, fresh toasted for you, when you want it, using locally made wholemeal toasting bread from Peggy's of Ambleside. It's perfect. Spread it with local butter and White Moss Home Made Seville Orange marmalade for a real treat.

Even our coffee wins praise. So many places have coffee sitting around on a hot plate- ugh- horrible! Our coffee is Special Mountain Coffee from tea and coffee specialists Farrers' of Kendal. It's freshly filtered and comes with hot milk. We've been told by overseas guests that our coffee is the best they've had on their trip! We certainly serve a lot of refills every day!

Anyway, why am I going on about breakfast so much? Well, we've recently joined up with Late Rooms, and they are running a "Best Kept Secrets" competition. We think our breakfast is good enough to win their "Best Breakfast" award. Of course, we need other people to vote for us and nominate us, so if you feel that you could give us a he;ping hand that would be great.

Here's the link Present The Best Kept Secret Awards 2012 - Nominate Us! Thanks!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Is this the best holiday cottage in the Lake District?

That's not my words, but those of our guests who just left after a 3 week stay and who want to buy our Grasmere holiday cottage if we ever decide to sell it!

The guests arriving today first stayed in April, and loved Brockstone Lake District holiday cottage so much that they rebooked for another stay as soon as they got home.

The next available week is the week beginning 25 August, which we are offering at a special rate. For more information, pictures , rates and availability please take a look at our Lake District Holiday cottage with amazing views!

Here's the view taken in January, looking towards the Langdale Pikes. In the other direction you have a view of Rydal Water. Bliss!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Otter spotted outside White Moss House!

Yesterday we were walking down the path from Brocsktone Cottage to our gate, past the White Moss waterfall, when a creature ran out of our Coach House gate, across our path about 50 yards away, and dashed towards the beck ( Dunnabeck).

I wasn't sure what it was. I wondered if it might be an otter, but I had only ever seen them in water before, and this creature had a longish, fairly furry tail. I didn't know if otters had tails at all. So, anyway, I looked for otter pictures and found that indeed they do have tails, and the pictures of them on land are exactly what I saw! So that was the first otter I'd seen apart from in a wildlife reserve. I'm thrilled!

On a more mundane note, we've had cancellations for this weekend, and are offering really good rates. Check our Special offers page or ring us on 015394 35295 for our rates and availability. It's not raining here ( at present!) and the forecast is reasonable for the next two days.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our guests loved the Pure Lakes shampoo

At White Moss House, only the best will do, which is why we use shampoo, soap and shower gel from Pure Lakes. Made in Staveley by Sandra and Iain Blackburn from Grasmere, Pure Lakes products couldn't be more local. We recycle the containers , filling lovely little reusable bottles in the guests' bathrooms, so that no plastic is thrown away. It's green, organic, local and fantastic. A guest from Texas who was here last week has emailed me to ask for help on where to buy the shampoo she used here, as it was "the best shampoo I've have ever used"

A few years ago I had a battle ( sorry- that should probably be "useful discussion") with the AA Inspector who said that we should have those annoying little individual soaps and shampoos in tiny bottles. I said NO! We will have Pure Lakes and we will fill up the bottles. They threatened to mark us down for such heresy. This year, it seems as if we were ahead of our time. Green is good now, and the AA is happy.

For those of you who want to buy your own Pure Lakes products, here is the link to the Pure Lakes website. (I'm not on commision by the way!) My own absolutely favourite Pure Lakes product is the Rosehip and Neroli night oil. For "mature" skins such as mine, this feels fabulous, seems to make my skin look better, and it smell great too.

We do still have a few rooms available this week, and one room left for the weekend on a special 2 night weekend offer. Please ring 015394 35295 or email for details, or look on our  White Moss House website

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Our holiday cottage with amazing views has a week available in August.

Brockstone Cottage is available for the week beginning 25 August, and we've reduced the rates for this week. We can also offer 3 night breaks if you can't stay for the week. For more details of this offer you can visit our Grasmere self catering cottage web page.

Wetherlamd the the Coniston Fells from the terrace of our Grasmere holiday cottage
Here's a picture of the terrace at Brockstone to tempt you.This was taken in January. You are looking over the Silver Howe ridge towards the Coniston Fellsl Looking the other way you see Rydal Water. It's amazing!

We also have a 3 night special break on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 22, 23 and 24 September, at the great rate of £290 for all three days, self catering at Brocktone.

Here at White Moss House, we are offering great rates midweek from today until Thursday. Please check our Grasmere Bed and Breakfast special offers and ring or email to book.