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Friday, 6 July 2012

Otter spotted outside White Moss House!

Yesterday we were walking down the path from Brocsktone Cottage to our gate, past the White Moss waterfall, when a creature ran out of our Coach House gate, across our path about 50 yards away, and dashed towards the beck ( Dunnabeck).

I wasn't sure what it was. I wondered if it might be an otter, but I had only ever seen them in water before, and this creature had a longish, fairly furry tail. I didn't know if otters had tails at all. So, anyway, I looked for otter pictures and found that indeed they do have tails, and the pictures of them on land are exactly what I saw! So that was the first otter I'd seen apart from in a wildlife reserve. I'm thrilled!

On a more mundane note, we've had cancellations for this weekend, and are offering really good rates. Check our Special offers page or ring us on 015394 35295 for our rates and availability. It's not raining here ( at present!) and the forecast is reasonable for the next two days.

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