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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our guests loved the Pure Lakes shampoo

At White Moss House, only the best will do, which is why we use shampoo, soap and shower gel from Pure Lakes. Made in Staveley by Sandra and Iain Blackburn from Grasmere, Pure Lakes products couldn't be more local. We recycle the containers , filling lovely little reusable bottles in the guests' bathrooms, so that no plastic is thrown away. It's green, organic, local and fantastic. A guest from Texas who was here last week has emailed me to ask for help on where to buy the shampoo she used here, as it was "the best shampoo I've have ever used"

A few years ago I had a battle ( sorry- that should probably be "useful discussion") with the AA Inspector who said that we should have those annoying little individual soaps and shampoos in tiny bottles. I said NO! We will have Pure Lakes and we will fill up the bottles. They threatened to mark us down for such heresy. This year, it seems as if we were ahead of our time. Green is good now, and the AA is happy.

For those of you who want to buy your own Pure Lakes products, here is the link to the Pure Lakes website. (I'm not on commision by the way!) My own absolutely favourite Pure Lakes product is the Rosehip and Neroli night oil. For "mature" skins such as mine, this feels fabulous, seems to make my skin look better, and it smell great too.

We do still have a few rooms available this week, and one room left for the weekend on a special 2 night weekend offer. Please ring 015394 35295 or email for details, or look on our  White Moss House website

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