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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Over 10,000 visits to this blog- lots of you are reading this!

When you blog, you're never quite sure if anyone will notice, but thank you all who have visited this page  - over 10,000 views now!

If you're free in the next 10 days to get away, would you like a great last minute offer for bed and breakfast in the Lake District?

Or maybe you're just browsing, and could take a minute to give us a "like" on our new Facebook page?

Grasmere from Loughrigg Terrace
After a wet couple of days ( not too bad here though- no floods), today is gorgeous and sunny. I'm just off to do this walk now,down to Grasmere Lake and then back along Loughrigg Terrace, taking my camera. The leaves are turning now- such a great time to visit White Moss House ( this photo was taken in summer)

Find out all about White Moss walks here

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to get the very best rates at White Moss House

Over on our White Moss House website special offers page I've explained how to get the very best rates at White Moss House this autumn, but I'm sharing them with you here are well. How can you be sure you're getting the best rate for your Lake District bed and breakfast booking?

Here goes;
Do you realise that you are often paying more when you make a direct online booking? This is because the online systems charge a commission, so the hotels and B & Bs put their rates up to cover this- so you might pay more than if you book directly .

However, booking directly can be confusing- what rates will they charge, are there rooms available etc?

Here's what I'm offering from now until we close for our winter break on 4 November.

1. Decide when you want to come to stay at our Lake District bed and breakfast

2.Go to the Contact Us page on the White Moss House Website, then click on the "Book Online" symbol and check to see what we have available, and the bed and breakfast rates we are offering. (These rates are per person, per night, so you need to double it to get the room rate)

3. Don't book online!

4. Email me, , telling me when you want to come, the price you've found, and  the room you want to book if you know which one you prefer. The rate might already have been reduced from our full usual rate.

5. I'll confirm that rate, and further reduce the total for a two night stay for two guests by an extra £10, or by £15 if you're staying 3 nights.

6. I'll need your card details to take a £50 deposit.

That's it. The best rates guaranteed.

Here's a picture of the heron I saw today flying over our garden. You might see him, or deer, or red squirrels......

The White Moss Heron on the River Rothay, Rydal, Grasmere


Sunday, 16 September 2012

More red squirrel sightings

In the last week we've seen a red squirrel twice in the same spot, on the old road just above the White Moss Quarry car park, ( just up from where Mark, the ice cream man, has had his van for well over 30 years)

I'm taking my camera with me everytime I go that way now, in the hope that I'll finally be able to get my own red squirrel photo. I've either not had my camera with me, or when they've been in the garden, I've rushed for the camera only to find the squirrel has run off.

Guests have sometimes seen the red squirrel too- you might be lucky. This time in the autumn they're out  looking for food to store. If you want to stay with us in October, from Sunday to Thursday night, we are offering FREE NIGHTS! Stay 3 nights and have a 4th night bed and breakfast free. You can check our website for details,

Stone on the top of Sheffield Pike overlooking Ullswater 
Here's an unusual Lake District photo to you. This inscribed stone is on the top of Sheffield Pike, which has great views over Ullswater. Wainwright wasn't a big fan of Sheffield Pike, but we like it, as it's always quiet and the views are great. Drive about 25 minutes from White Moss, park on the west side of Ullswater, and take this lovely walk past the quaintly named Seldom Seen onto the tops for a great autumn hike.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

There must be sunshine after rain ....

One of my favourite Dire Straits songs- ( that dates me!)
Why worry,
There must be sunshine after rain,
These things will always be the same,
So why worry now?

At last, after so much rain, we're into a spell of gorgeous dry, sunny early autumn weather just perfect for walking , hiking and sightseeing in the Lakes.
For those of you planning to visit the Grasmere and Rydal area, my White Moss Walks gude is very helpful. Ideally, you would be staying at White Moss House, so that you can start the day with one of our award winning breakfasts, then leave your car in our free car park and walk from the door.

Yesterday I did the walk through Deer Bolt Woods, and, as is often the case, saw a couple of baby deer. These woods have been called Deer Bolt Woods for centuries, so today's deer are just following tradition, as are the swans who live on Swan Point, Rydal Water.

This week looked like it would be quiet, but it has filled up thanks to our special offer and the sunshine. We do still have rooms for the weekend though, and have reduced the rate. Please take a look at our White Moss House and Brockstone Grasmere cottage special offer page. Next week we thought we were 100% fully booked, but a Japanese guest has had to cancel a week, so if you can take up any nights in Room 5 from Tuesday, you can get a bargain.

Virginia Creeper on White Moss House, September 2011
The colours are already looking good- see our ancient Virginia creeper ( planted by the Wordsworths)

"Walking is therapy in boots" Not sure who said this, but it's true.Grab your boots and enjoy the early autumn sunshine.