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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

There must be sunshine after rain ....

One of my favourite Dire Straits songs- ( that dates me!)
Why worry,
There must be sunshine after rain,
These things will always be the same,
So why worry now?

At last, after so much rain, we're into a spell of gorgeous dry, sunny early autumn weather just perfect for walking , hiking and sightseeing in the Lakes.
For those of you planning to visit the Grasmere and Rydal area, my White Moss Walks gude is very helpful. Ideally, you would be staying at White Moss House, so that you can start the day with one of our award winning breakfasts, then leave your car in our free car park and walk from the door.

Yesterday I did the walk through Deer Bolt Woods, and, as is often the case, saw a couple of baby deer. These woods have been called Deer Bolt Woods for centuries, so today's deer are just following tradition, as are the swans who live on Swan Point, Rydal Water.

This week looked like it would be quiet, but it has filled up thanks to our special offer and the sunshine. We do still have rooms for the weekend though, and have reduced the rate. Please take a look at our White Moss House and Brockstone Grasmere cottage special offer page. Next week we thought we were 100% fully booked, but a Japanese guest has had to cancel a week, so if you can take up any nights in Room 5 from Tuesday, you can get a bargain.

Virginia Creeper on White Moss House, September 2011
The colours are already looking good- see our ancient Virginia creeper ( planted by the Wordsworths)

"Walking is therapy in boots" Not sure who said this, but it's true.Grab your boots and enjoy the early autumn sunshine.

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