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Friday, 30 July 2010

Brockstone self catering cottage Grasmere- now on YouTube

Thanks to Graham Whyte, a guest at White Moss House guest house, Grasmere and also at Brockstone Cottage, Grasmere for taking these videos and posting them on YouTube.
Take look at  them here.

See the drive from Dove Cottage to Brockstone Cottage in all its bumpy glory!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Back at White Moss House, Grasmere after the wedding.

Some of you who know us or read my blog will know that our eldest son was getting married this summer.
Well, the big day was Saturday, 24 July. The wedding was held in St Edmunds Church East Mersea, on Meresa Island near Colchester, and the reception at East Mersea Hall next door.
It's a really lovely place, and the whole of Mersea Island is like a little place that time has passed by.
Or new daughter in law knew the island from her childhood, and her mother lives close by.
It's now back to reality- a busy summer of B & B at White Moss House Grasmere.
We do still have some rooms in August, and are offering 10% off stays of 3 or more nights midweek in August.( subject to availabilty)
For more details please look at our website.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What eats wasps? Badgers eat wasps! Latest from Grasmere.

Following yesterday's burning question, do badgers eat wasps? The answer is yes!
Our gardener tells us that badger do eat wasps- so there we have it!

How a badger came in the night to Whitemoss garden, and dug up a wasp nest just below our bedroom window without us hearing anything is another question!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Do badgers eat wasps part 2

White Moss House Bed and Breakfast Grasmere, the scene of an overnight garden mystery- do badgers eat wasps?

Here are two incriminating photos. The walls of the nest have been broken up . They actually have honycomb patterns like a bees nest- makes sense I suppose- I've never seen inside a wasps nest before.There is no sign of any of the tasty grubs ( I believe fishermen sometimes use them as bait), just a few shell shocked, dopey looking wasps ( which is why I could get so close)

I've often wondered what function wasps served in God's Great Plan. If they give a badger ( or whatever) a good dinner, then that's a fair use for them in my book.

If you have any info on this, please eamil me-, or tweet me, @whitemosshouse.

Do badgers eat wasps?

Today's burning question from White Moss House, Grasmere is.... what eats wasps?

In the garden we have a wasps nest, which was actually built in a hole dug by a mouse. We've been trying to get rid of it for days, in a gentle sort of way, but the odd wasp keeps appearing.

This morning, we find that an area about 18 inches in diameter and about 18 inches deep has been excavated, and we can now see the bottom of the waps nest with about 10 wasps left. It has what looks like paper round the egdes- quite clever really.

It looks like a badger hole, but there are no droppings- who knows?

Hopefully the puffer will finish them off this time.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Walks from White Moss House, Grasmere

One of the great things about staying at White Moss House bed and breakfast, Grasmere, is that you can do amazing walks from the front door. You don't need to take your car to go around Rydal, round Grasmere, oever Loughrigg, to Alcock tarn, up Nab Scar to Fairfield.........and many more!

Here are some of the walks you can do Cricular walks from White Moss, Grasmere..

If you want to walk round Rydal, taking in the caves, Rydal Tea room, Rydal Mount, Rydal Hall Gardens and the Badger Bar , then The Rydal Water Walk describes this in more details for you.

Thanks to Cumbria Tourism and David Willis for the photo, taken from the shore of Rydal Water looking back towards Whitemoss , with Silver Howe in the background.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Great things to see from White Moss House Grasmere

One thing that lots of visitors to the Lake District overlook is Castlerigg Stone Circle.
Perched up on a plateau just before you get to Keswick, about 20 minutes drive from White Moss House and Grasmere, this neolithic stone circle dates back around 5,000 years.

It is a truly amazing location, surrounded by the lakeland fells- Blencathra, Skiddaw, Helvellyn.
There is no visitors centre, no tea room, no entrance charge.
You may even find yourself on your own there- apart from the local sheep.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hosepipe Ban for the Lake District

It's hard to believe after we had more rainfall on 19 November 2009 than on any day on record EVER, but from Friday we are not allowed to use hosepipes to water our gardens or wash our cars.
It has been such a dry spring here in Grasmere and the rest of the Lake District.

The phone has not stopped ringing in the last 24 hours with people looking for rooms for the weekend.

We are fully booked, but if you want rooms next weekend, ring now! or email me

Check out our website, White Moss House for more details.

The terrace at White Moss House, Grasmere, looking lovely in the sunshine.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Still some last minute dates free at Brockstone Grasmere self catering cottage

We've now let this weekend, but the cottage is still free from Monday, 12 July, to the morning of Wednesday, 21 July.
If you have time to visit for 3 or more nights please contact me for our best rates-

For more info on Brockstone Cottage,, or on one of the Brockstone links in the right hand column.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Great reviews for Brockstone Cottage, Grasmere self catering cottage

Thank you very much to all who have taken the trouble to write lovely reviews. We were really delighted to get the latest review for Brockstone Cottage- take a look at Brockstone Cottage review !

Are you free from Friday 9 July anytime until Tuesday 20 July? If so, we can offer Brockstone Grasmere self catering cottage ( 5 Star reviews!) at a special  last minute rate. Please email me for offers-