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Friday, 25 November 2016

Rydal reflections- as described by Wordsworth

These are lines from William Wordsworth about Rydal Water

"Like a fair sister of the sky
Unruffled doth the blue lake lie
The mountains looking on..."

Here's a photo I took on my phone on this glorious morning-

Rydal Water- perfect reflections on a November morning

I think you can see what Wordsworth meant. The sky and the lake were a perfect blue. What a day! The snowy tops of the Grasmere Fells can be seen in the background.

Here are a few more pictures from my short walk around Rydal Water. More about this walk can be found on this webpage which I wrote some time ago.

Rydal Water reflectios with the Fairfield Ridge in the background on a crisp November morning

The contrast between the sunny side of Rydal Water and the frosty side this morning- the sheep are on the cold side!

White Moss woods- the sun peeps through at the start of this morning's walk.

All these photos were taken on my simple mobile. You can see why photographers so love this area. If you start with such great raw material, add a really good camera and some professional skill, you can produce really wonderful photos.

The guests who are staying at our Grasmere holiday cottage, Brockstone at the moment are from the USA. They asked in advance what the weather might be like. I suggested it might, perhaps, be a little rainy in November.....oh ye of little faith! It's sun, sun ,sun all the way in the Lakes...long may it last!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Goodbye October 2016- you were a wonderful month

Hasn't this been the most beautiful October?

Keen readers of this blog will see that I haven't written any blogs since early September, and one of the reasons is that it has just been such beautiful weather. I haven't felt the urge to sit indoors typing on a  computer. That's my excuse anyway. Beats "the dog ate my homework"

On the morning of All Saints Day I'm just taking a minute to post a few October photos. The guests who have stayed at our cottage, Brockstone, have just loved their holidays, and the fantastic weather certainly helped. We have had some wonderful reviews which you can read here.

Here then are a few photos taken yesterday on a short stroll- from White Moss along the River Rothay to Grasmere weir, turn right through Penny Rock Woods, walk a short stretch along the road to Bannerigg, go up through Banneringg Wood and back along the old road to White Moss. 45 minutes of beauty.