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Saturday, 8 January 2011

A wonderful winter's day in the Lakes

You might wonder why I hit you with a post about my Dyson. Well, if you have lots of Blogs, as I have, sometimes you post on the wrong one. That's the explanation! However, as I do love my Dyson so much, and it was topical for Twelfth Night, I decided not to delete it. Hope you found it of passing interest!

Back to today, and the sun is shining out of as clear blue sky. We've got a few jobs to do, but on a day like this you just have to get out, and we'll be Walking round Rydal Water later. Maybe we'll see you in the tearoom at Rydal Hall if you're around!
Thanks to Cumbria Tourism for the picture, which is not for reuse other than by members of Cumbria Tourism ( which we are)

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