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Monday, 19 March 2012

White Moss House Garden is buzzing

The view from my desk as I write is of the back garden at White Moss House. It's actually a wild woodland hilly slope. currently full of daffodils. However, it's the moving creatures that are keeping me amused right now.
This morning so far I have seen a deer, a red squirrel and a very splendid male pheasant.

Yesterday, sitting outside in the sunshine having lunch, my hair was parted by a very skittish chaffinch. Two chaffinches were chasing each other around in the most crazy way, and I just happened to be in the flight path.
All the birds are frisky right now. There's a blackbird on the terrace that seems intent on emptying all the soil from one of the flower tubs with its beak.

What does all this mean? Yes! Spring! We love the dry weather here. We laugh at the idea of a water shortage! It's just beautiful in the Lake District right now. We're busy spring cleaning to get ready for the arrival of guests from 29 March onwards. Why not think about a stay at White Moss House? We're in a great spot for walking and exploring the Lakes, and you might see a red squirrel any day you're here.

Please email me with any enquiry and I'll give you our very best rates.
This heron sometimes flies over the garden, but he actually lives on White Moss Tarn, just five minutes walk up the hill from White Moss House. He's there all the time at the moment,
The White Moss Heron

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