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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bluebells, magnolia and quince in March

Yesterday, 28 March, I noticed that the bluebells were out in the White Moss House garden. With the hot weather and sun, the magnolia has already burst into bloom, and the quince is starting to flower too.

Bluebells at White Moss House, Grasmere, 28 March 2012
The quince at White Moss House, Grasmere , 28 March 2012

We open today after our winter break. Usually, we've got weeks of daffodils ahead when we open, and I can fills the rooms with daffodils from our garden for ages, well into April. Today I've had to scour the gardens for the few remaining daffs. They were lovely, but they've finished for the year.

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I might as well show you the magnolia too- that's going to be out for a few weeks yet.
The magnolia at White Moss House, Grasmere
Come and see it!

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