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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Which is the best map for walking in the White Moss area?

Visitors often ask me which map they need if they are planning to walk in the White Moss area of the Lakes.

Well, the single best map is undoubtedly the OS map , the SE lakes. You can buy this when you arrive, but if, like me ( actually like my husband- he's the map lover) you like to study maps ahead of your visit, then you can buy it from amazon through the link below.

This OS map is very detailed. The whole of the Lakes is divided into four sections, and this map just covers our area, the South East.

If you want a more general map, the Collins walking map is very good. I know many of my blog readers are from the USA and Canada, so here is the link for you to the Collins map.


  Walking- it's so good for you. "Meditation in boots"

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