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Monday, 9 November 2015

Horrible weather in the Lakes- time to curl up with a good book.

Wind and rain- lots of both. It takes a lot to stop us going out for a walk, but yesterday was one of those days where inside looked better than outside.

We watched the Remembrance Sunday service, read the Sunday papers, and I read a whole book I'd got from the library on Friday ( it was a very easy read and I'm a fast reader). We listened to The Archers, watched the Strictly results and the last episode of Downton Abbey. Not such a bad day after all.

As this blog has quite a few readers from the USA I won't spoil your enjoyment by revealing any Downton spoilers. Just to say I hope the Christmas special is a little happier for one particular person..........

Today the weather is just as bad, so I've been "fiddling around on the computer" (husband's description) and I'm amazed to see that if I lived in the USA I could buy a Kindle Fire for $49.99!
I already own 3 Kindles- the original Kindle, the original Kindle Fire HD 7", and another Kindle that I bought this summer with a swipe screen. I had to buy it, you see, as we were going on holiday. Two Kindles means that both of us could be reading books outside in the sunshine at the same time. Yes, we did already have two Kindles but though the Kindle Fire has many good points, the screen is rubbish in sunshine. We needed Kindle number 3.

Anyway, readers in the USA and Canada - look at this!


And UK readers, it's great for us too.! What do we have to pay for this same amazing device? Well. what a surprise! It's only £49.99, which is also a bargain. I love my Kindle Fire. If I didn't already have one I would be buying this right now. It's perfect for days like today- you can read a good book, download another good book when you've finished that, look up what's going on on twitter, follow your favourite podcast, and so on and so on....what amazing value! I might just buy another one myself- and I know someone who would love this for Christmas.

Enough of the sales patter!

 I should just add that although I love my Kindles, I do also love a real, good paper , traditional book. If you're in Grasmere, you should go to the lovely Sam Read's Bookshop in the centre of the village. They have an excellent range and will give you very helpful advice. Long live real bookshops!

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