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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wordsworths at White Moss House , Grasmere

It was good to welcome back members of the Wordsworth family to White Moss House this weekend, in Grasmere to celebrate the senior Mr Wordsworth's 70th birthday.
When we first lived at White Moss House , about 30 years ago, the generation of Wordsworths who had lived at White Moss as children used to drop in on us an roam around as if they still lived here.( We used to call them a "host of  golden Wordsworths" when they descended on us!)

It was always lovely to see them, and hear their anecdotes. For example, Dorothy told us she was actually christened Dorothy Wordsworth, so that as an unmarried girl her name was Dorothy Wordsworth Wordsworth- so that she would still have the Wordsworth name after her marriage.This would have been in the days when married women gave up their maiden name.

Wordsworths are always welcome at White Moss House, the only house that the poet William Wordsworth ever owned.

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