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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

White Moss House and the ash cloud

As the flights re start today, lets hope that all those who find themselves in the wrong part of the world get back as soon as possible.
I have to say that we have benefitted this week from the ash, with guests who have been unable to go abroad coming to stay at White Moss House instead.
They've been rewarded with the best , sunniest weather they could wish for. It's still chilly, but it just fabulous.
The quince is out, the cherries are out, the magnolia is coming out, the azaleas are coming out- there's no better time to visit White Moss House,our Grasmere 4 Star guest house.

The AA lady came yesterday- very impressed to see that we had beautiful  new fire doors, new carpet ( room 2) new decoration (room 3). Apparently lots of people of not spending in the recession, and some of the places she visits are getting a bit run down.
White Moss House- 4 Stars again!
Post script to the Ash Cloud Story- a Japanese guest coming in May has just emailed me to ask what it's like driving around on ash covered roads!
No ash on roads or anywhere else! The lakes never looked better.

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