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Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Office supervisor at White Moss House, Grasmere

Come on Sue, stop messing about on Twitter and Squidoo and get on with some work!

I took this from my office window this morning. I always used to think I had a bit of a dull outlook from my office at White Moss House, Grasmere, but in this snow I've begun to appreciate my visitors more. This morning a deer passed by ( too quickly to photgraph) and yesterday my local pheasant visited ( no good photo yet- watch this space)
Actually, I HAVE done some work- if you click on the website you'll see I have updated the White Moss House Special Offers page. Also, if you want to book for a White Moss House Dining Club Weekend in 2010, move quickly- the first one is full already.

By the way, the sheep is actually in our back garden, but no matter how many times we chase them out, even if the farmer takes them away in his landrover, they always find their way back!

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