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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Doing the Loughrigg Loop aka the Woodman's walk

I've just done my favourite short walk for the first time since the end of December. Last time we walked it the snow was packed and icy- not much fun. Today, although it was a bit grey and gloomy, it was a real pleasure- and I only saw 2 other people and a dog.
It takes me about an hour or a bit  longer if I stop and admire the views- and who could resist?

I leave White Moss House, cross the road and head through White Moss meadow ,( mind the cows)  up through Penny Rock Woods,then down and across the River Rothay at Grasmere weir. Then along Grasmere shore and up the path towards the Red Bank road and the old NT house ( hello to Charlie the spaniel who lives there!)
Left up through Deer Bolt woods, down Loughrigg terrace( take a seat , enjoy the view), then towards the end of the terrace, take the little right fork, over the little rise, and you can see Rydal Water.

Head towards the Rydal Caves, then turn back left on the lower path , go through the kissing gate at White Moss woods, back down to White Moss common, over the bridge and home.

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