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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Grasmere bed and breakfast with free car park

We are so fortunate to have a big free car park for our guests.

So many hotels and B & Bs in the Lakes, built before cars were important, struggle to find spaces - every day I see "car park rage" as guests try to manoeuvre in and out of tiny spaces, or get trapped in by other guests ( I think you might know which B & B in the middle of Grasmere I'm thinking of!).

When we went to Padstow some years ago, I asked the receptionist at our small hotel where to park- she said " I don't know!"- and "Try up the hill"- not what you want to hear after a long drive! Now we always check the parking arrangements when we book!

Guests are welcome to leave their cars all day on arrival and departure days. Now that the hugely popular White Moss car parks charge heavily ( no longer even free for NT members) this is a real bonus.

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