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Monday, 4 May 2009

May Day Bank Holiday

I've just read in The Times that this early May Bank Holiday is usually wet. This year is no exception! ( Wet all day here)It's got a really poor weather record.

Why not cancel it ? It's not as if it's even really May Day, just a very British arrangement of the nearest Monday to May Day. Let's find another date for an extra day.

From the point of view of the Tourism Industry, it's not great ,as 4 Bank Holidays come together in just a few weeks- 2 at Easter, this one, then the end of May holiday. Then we just get 1 day in August and no more till Christmas.Very unbalanced.Just like London buses- none for ages then 4 at once. In fact , even a bit like Lakeland buses, as now the open topped ones are running every 20 minutes I have actually seen 2 buses at once in the middle of Grasmere! Both going the same direction! As most of the time in winter, especially on Sundays, there are only about 2 buses a day this is the height of excitement. ( yes, we do lead a fairly dull life here sometimes!)

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