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Thursday, 7 May 2009

First Cuckoo

Yesterday, Wednesday 6 May, heard my first cuckoo of 2009. I was walking through Deer Bolt woods from the shore of Grasmere up onto Loughrigg Terrace, and there it was- very loud and clear.

There have been reports of concerns about the vanishing cuckoo, so it was good to hear the old rogue again.

It was the first break in the rain for about 3 days, and all the birds seemed to have a touch of spring madness. They were making a huge din, and I had to duck to avoid being headbutted by an overexcited chaffinch. Who says country life is dull?

Today is sunny and bright, but windy and cold. Peter has gone walking with a friend up onto Fairfield via Nab Scar, probably coming back via Alcock Tarn.Its windy up there even on a calm day, but the view should be fantastic.

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