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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

White Moss House has it's own Bluebell Wood

I've lived at White Moss House for nearly 40 years, and I've taken our bluebell wood for granted. We've always have bluebells growing up in the woodland garden at the back of the house.

White Moss House bluebells.

When a friend came round and saw that I had lots of bluebells in jugs everywhere she was slightly shocked .
"Have you been picking wild bluebells? I didn't think you were supposed to do this"
"No, they're not really wild bluebells. They're from our own bluebell wood"
"You have your own bluebell wood?!"
"Of course- doesn't everyone?"

OK, I didn't actually say that but it reminded me how much we take for granted. White Moss House was bought by William Wordsworth (yes, that one) for his son. We have the famous man's signature on the document. It's just how our house is.

Occasionally I moan that the house is "a bit old" and say I'd like "a nice newly built modern place" but really- it's very special.

We have a hut or shed , not sure what to call it, up among the bluebells in the back garden. I like to think that past owners were inspired to write great things in the garden hut. It may have been put up by the Wordsworth family, who lived here until the 1930s.

"The Writers'Shed" among the bluebells White Moss House

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