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Monday, 12 October 2015

The autumn sun continues to shine in the Lakes

Those who've followed my ramblings in the past may remember that I'm partial to Dire Straits' "Why Worry" which includes the line "there must be sunshine after rain", and after a very dull wet summer we're finding that there is, indeed, sunshine after rain. This year September, and now October too, have been dry and sunny in the Lakes.

If you don't know "Don't Worry " by Dire Straits here's a helpful link to YouTube for you.

White Moss House early one September morning
Above is a picture of our garden taken early one September morning. Flowers that had been hanging back during the summer suddenly decided to open up.

Here we are now, on 12 October, and although some plants such as the hostas are giving up, others still look great.

White Moss House garden October 2015
Can you spot salvias ( grown from seed) nasturtiums (ditto)? - and at the front an osteospermum  (the lilac coloured daisy like one) which has flowered for months.

The guests who have stayed at our cottage this autumn have all just loved the views, the walks, the cottage itself.....we're quite well booked for the months ahead, but you might be able to fit in a visit in 2016, so here's a link to click on here which will take you to our Grasmere Cottage website

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