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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dry and sunny in the Lakes- time to get outdoors.

It would be untrue to say that the weather was warm in the Lakes right now. If we're lucky, we might make it to 10 degrees today, but it has been very dry, which is always a joy in this part of the world.

There's been a slight ground frost this morning, but the sun's out now. Time to sweep up leaves and tidy the herb garden. I'll be looking to see which herbs have survived the winter. Observations so  far suggest that the rosemary seems healthy, the sage is as tough as old boots, and the bay tree just won't stop growing.

The sorrel is peeping through, but as yet the lovage is being shy. If you don't know what lovage is and why you should grow it ( it's very easy) take a look at this page which I've just updated on "How to grow and use lovage."

Lovage in White Moss House herb garden

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