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Friday, 25 April 2014

We now have unlimited broadband for our guests at Brockstone Cottage

At last! We finally have access to the internet from our Grasmere holiday cottage, Brockstone. I won’t bore you with the whole story as to why it took so long. Suffice to say that it has been a struggle. BT seem to have a whole new dictionary to explain their actions. How a communications company can fail to communicate is very puzzling.
I've wasted hours hanging around waiting following messages in which they told me I MUST be on site between 1 and 6 pm only to be told (after I’d made several furious phone calls) that this could never had happened due to “an engineering plan needing approval”.
I love the conversation I had with my “Special personal BT manager”  yesterday who advised me that they were “fast tracking” my connection and that it would definitely be connected sometime before midnight, 24 April, not 30 April as feared, completely ignoring the fact that I had been promised it for 3 April. Oh well, the main thing is that it’s now working, the signal is good, and our guests are very happy.
Bluebells in Rydal Woods, a short walk from Brockstone Cottage
Bluebells in Rydal Woods, a short walk from Brockstone Cottage
I like to add a picture to every blog post, but a photo of a router doesn’t really look that great, so instead I’m showing you a picture of bluebells in Rydal woods.
We have two weeks available in May, and we've reduced the rates. If you come early in May, the bluebells will be looking and smelling wonderful. Did you know that bluebells have a lovely scent? I fell calmer just thinking about them.  Away with all this BT anger- all is well…..

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