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Friday, 7 March 2014

WiFi comes to our Lakes Holiday Cottage

BT permitting, we should have free unlimited Broadband at our Lake District holiday cottage by 3rd April.

Guests have always been welcome to use the free WiFi at White Moss House, but for even greater convenience we have persuaded BT that they can put a phone line into our cottage. The engineers have not yet been out to check where the cottage is, but we are optimistic that the lovely people at BT will not be daunted by the (relative) isolation of beautiful Brockstone.

Those of you who follow this blog (and there must be quite a few, as we've had over 21,000 visits) might like to know that we've started a new blog for Brockstone, our Lake District Cottage with amazing views .
Much more to come here. You could bookmark the page and come back from time to time.

This is the photo , taken by me in January 2012, that I've edited to make the banner heading. Not bad eh? It is, of course, Helm Crag and Grasmere taken from the shore of Grasmere, just 10 minutes walk from our holiday cottage and White Moss.

For more circular walks from White Moss click here.

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