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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rhododendrons- just looking amazing in the Lakes right now.

I've just taken one of my favourite short walks.

You go through White Moss House garden to the waterfall, right up the hill to Brockstone Cottage our unique Lake District self catering cottage with amazing views..

Turn left onto the coffin route towards Grasmere, and on your right you pass Heugh Fold, a large Victorian house which was planted many years ago with rare rhododenrons, azaleas and other unusual trees. The lady who lives there now spends hours in the garden. It is not open to the public, but passers by marvel at the sight. Here are some photos I took today.

All of these were taken at Heugh Fold, above White Moss Common.

I then walked down to the duck pond just above Dove Cottage, turned left along the old road back towards White Moss House, and passed Ladywood, Christopher Morris' family home .I took a picture there of these amazing colours.

Then back down to White Moss. Our own Rhodies and azaleas are looking pretty special too.

Try to come and visit the Lakes in the next couple of weeks before these colours fade. We're fully booked on Friday and Saturday, but have a room available most of next week..Grasmere, Rydal and the whole of the Lakes are just looking their best .

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