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Saturday, 16 March 2013

We're back in the swing again...and we have special offers

We've welcomed our first guests of 2013 to White Moss House. They are a charming couple from Germany. The gentleman has been before, with his grandson, who is half English, and did all the translating last time. I can speak reasonable French and Spanish , but my German is very limted so we're having fun- sign language is being used....

The gentleman is a musician, and just loves having the baby grand piano at his disposal all the time. We love hearing him play.

They also love our Lakeland tea bread. That's why they've come back- home made tea bread by the log fire, with the piano- he said "it's a dream"!

Baby grand piano White Moss House Wordsworth lounge Grasmere
We're offering special rates until Easter, and our cottage is still available until Easter Saturday too. Please spread the for your best rates. The daffodils are waiting for you.

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