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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Romance is in the air

I was just chatting to a lovely young couple at check out, asking them where they were going to next, and talking about their stay when he cleared his throat and looked very serious. Oh dear - was there a problem?

"We got engaged yesterday" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exceiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They got engaged by the shore of Grasmere, down by the rowing boats and the ducks. He handed his lovely lady what she thought was a handful of feed for the ducks, and it turned out to be a diamond ring.

Isn't that great? Who says that romance is dead? How wonderful !

This lovely picture of a boat on Grasmere is thanks to Cumbria Tourism, taken by David Willis. It is not for reuse without permission.


  1. What a place to get engeged - congratulations to the happy couple, excellent

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple what a lovely place to get engaged


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