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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rooms this weekend- see the rhoddies!

The rain has brought the azaleas and rhododenrons out nto full bloom. There are lots of places in the Lakes with outsanding gardens at this time of year. The National Trust garden Stagshaw at Ambleside is amazing, Holehird is lovely,and Muncaster Castle has a huge number of azaleas and rhoddies out right now.

Actually, the White Moss House garden has some lovely azaleas and rhoddies. I'll post some pictures soon, but meanwhile, we have a special offer running until the end of May- the perfect chance for a great value May break in the Lakes. Click here to see our special rates for May, or email to see what's available.
May Tree in full bloom
This picture was actually taken on the Jenkins Crag walk, but in 2011. The May Trees (Hawthornes) are not fully out this year yet. After a very warm March, the colder April and May mean that the blossoms are just coming to their best now, in time for your visit!

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