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Sunday, 11 September 2011

"The six weeks following the first of September may be recomended"

It has to be admitted, the weather is not good right now. In fact, it's pretty bad for September. Usually we have bright, sunny days, and William Wordsworth in his Guide to the Lakes,  discusses the best time of the year to visit the Lakes , concluding" the six weeks following the first of September may be recommended.........."
Here's a reminder of how the Lakes looks on a good autumn day.

Rydal Water frim White Moss Viewpoint

This photo was taken by me last September, just 5 minute's walk from White Moss House.

We're full tonight and Tuesday, but we do have a few rooms still available this week , and if you can manage a last minute break, why not take advantage of our last minute grasmere bed and breakfast offers. This bed and breakfast offers page is updated daily, so you might like to bookmark it for future reference.

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