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Monday, 30 May 2011

No, you don't have to order your breakfast the night before!

A guest we had staying the other days asked Peter in the evening "when are you going to ask me what I want for breakfast?"
"When you sit down at a table in the dining room tomorrow morning" he said.
It seems as if most bed and breakfast places ask you to order your breakfast by about 8pm the evening before. Also, you often have to pick a time slot.
Not at White Moss House you don't! Our 30 years experience of serving highly rated Good Food Guide dinners has meant that serving a freshly cooked to order breakfast, juice, cereals, choice of teas and coffees, all served to you at a table of your choice at a time of your choice, is something we can do really well ( no point in false modesty here!).
We have an award from the AA for outstanding breakfasts. If you've never visited us- take a look at our website and see if you're able to sample the Wordsworth lounge, the lovely terrace, the White Moss walks...............etc, etc! Here's the link to White Moss House website

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