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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tuesday's walk from White Moss House, Grasmere

The View from Jenkin's Crag, Waterhead, Ambleside, overlooking Windermere.

The walk actually begins and ends in Ambleside, but we hopped on the bus at Whitemoss- no point trying to find a day's parking space in Ambleside ( especially if you have a bus pass!).
We walked up Stock Ghyll, over Wansfell, had lunch at the Mortal Man, then back round Jenkins crag.
It's a walk we've done many times before, sometimes the other way round.

As it was a hazy day, the photos are poor. This is the gentle path back from Robin's Lane, with Windermere on the left and the Langdales in the background.

Some people only manage the short walk from Waterhead to Jenkin's crag. Even on a hazy day the view from Jenkin's Crag is superb.

Outstanding on this walk were the wild flowers- bluebells, wood sorrel, wild garlic , buttercups, violets, little yellow orchids. The hawthorn trees are also finally bursting into life. Popularly known as "May" trees", they are just managing to blossom before the end of the month in this late spring.

May Tree looking gorgeoous, above Waterhead, Ambleside.
We thought we had just missed the bus back from Waterhead, where the walk ends, but happily for us, the bus was 10 minutes late- dropped off at the bottom of White Moss House drive.
Note to all visitors to White Moss House- if you have a bus pass, bring it !

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