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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another great walk from White Moss House Grasmere.

Walking in short sleeves in the sun! The air is still very cold- my drink stayed iced!
 From White Moss, go up to the coffin road, then left to the duck pond near Dove Cottage, taking the Alcock tarn path above the duck pond.
Lovely view of Helm Crag on this walk.
After about 1/4 mile, the main path goes right, but fork left, and eventually you come out at Ben Place Grasmere, by our Lady of the Wayside on the A591.
Didn't see a single person !
Crossed the main road, took the path into Grasmere, popped into Coop to buy an apple, back through Broadgate meadow, on the Grasmere Riverside walk, coming out near Dove Cottage, then back to White Moss on the old road ( the one Wordsworth used )
View of Grasmere from Lady Wood on the old road.

There can't be many other places in the world with such great walks from the door. Fantastic!

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