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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Digital TV and Radio now fully turned on!

All our rooms now have digital flat screen TVs with a great range of TV and radio programmes!
The powers that be decided that the Border region would be the first to go fully digital- don't know why, but now that its happened, we're very happy.
TV reception is great, and after a lifetime of very ,very fuzzy radio signals we can now get all the BBC stations through the TV as clear as a bell!
We'll actually be able to listen to football on 5 Live and know which team scores- before we could usually hear that a goal had been scored, but not necessarily which team had scored it.

We could always get TMS on long wave,sort of, but now we get 5 live extra! ( actually , we might miss the dear old shipping forecast)

Plus, of course, we'll be listening to Radio 3, and will be able to hear all the Proms live!

Our Tvs also have DVD players- plus we have free WiFi!

We're so 21st Century !

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